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Many have tried our services and found that after all had no limits.


They took the first step to build a new relationship with the world.



“When I released my second album in Brazil and had many shows and commitments, Adriana applied his wise oriental techniques and after the treatment I felt my entire energy reorganized and got also many improvements in the sleep, stress and anxiety.”

Thaís Gulin

“I felt my physical body being cleaned of so many emotions that had accumulated throughout my life. I want to continue to grow with her and release from myself so many emotions that I know are trapped inside me. I feel that right now this is my way.”

Anabela Fonseca

“I’m a dancer, work with my body to the limit every day and 3 years ago due to the so-called “overtraining” I had a very serious tendinitis in the achilles tendon region. That was when Adriana and her acupuncture treatment, moxibustion and manipulations with oriental techniques were extremely effective.”

Luiz Felipe Crepaldi


“I’m only right here and now, and I feel my body well. I feel whole. Here know that I can be me without fear of judgment. Be, alive and become aware of what I feel, here at this time.”

Sónia Costa

“The techniques of bioenergetic and organic bioconsciousness convey to the body a combination of energy recovery and relax, which makes us leave the body and experience a stimulating sensation. A massage with this level is crucial for make us feel empowered to face the everyday stresses”

Flávio Tambellini

“It is very gratifying the reflection on everyday people because the energy I feel, the calmness and the love is shared and we ended up also receiving what they have to give.”